Removing the Windscreen

Figure 1

Removing the Windscreen

The windscreen is removed by undoing six screws in the windscreen support posts and a 'Lift the dot' stud, which passes through a bracket at at the bottom centre of the screen. The stud also passes through the crash padding and scuttle, before screwing into the ash frame. When replacing the windscreen, make sure that the stud is firmly screwed back into the frame. If the stud feels loose, remove it and glue a wooden plug in the hole, then replace the stud.

Windscreen support posts can be removed by undoing the bolts securing them to the support post brackets.

Windscreen support post brackets are removed by undoing the two bolts that secure them to the scuttle. The brackets are seated on rubber gaskets which are prone to perishing with age. New ones can be purchased from Melvyn Rutter.