Removing and Repairing the Hinge Post

When purchasing a second hand Morgan, it is wise to check if there is play in the door hinges. Open and lift the latch end of the door to check for excessive movement. Slight play may be due to worn or loose hinges. If the hinges are not worn, the bolts are tight and there is excessive movement, it is likely that a problem exists with the hinge post. It will be necessary to remove the surrounding trim to ascertain the cause of the problem. Older Morgans have horsehair padding under the sill board trim, which often becomes saturated, leading to rot in the ash frame, particularly around the door rocker and hinge post joint. Although replacing the hinge post is quite straightforward, gaining access requires removing body panels.

Gaining Access to the Hinge Post

The hinge post is accessible from inside the car by removing the trim. The door can be removed by undoing the nuts on the front of the hinge post. A steel plate is fixed to the front of the post to reinforce it and also prevent the nuts from pulling through. This allows the hinges to be properly tightened and assists in preventing the door from sagging. When the door has been removed, an assessment of the hinge post can be made. However, the lower lap joint connecting the post to the door rocker cannot be fully examined without removing the scuttle and the front wings.

Figure 1
Removing the scuttle.html

Removing and Replacing the Hinge Post

The top of the hinge post is joined to the dashboard support rail by a rabbet joint secured by two screws, whilst the lower end is a simple halving joint fixed to the door rocker by three screws. Both joints are simple to make. When reassembling parts of the frame, use a good quality urea-formaldehyde glue and stainless steel screws. For more information see the Ash Frame page under the 'Woodwork' option in the menu.

It will be necessary to replace the door rocker if it is rotten. This involves a lot of extra work, which may include removal of the entire frame, as explained by clicking the 'door rocker' link.

Figure 2
Replacing the hinge post

Hinge Post Dimensions

The dimensions of the hinge post shown above are those of my own car. As Morgans are hand built, dimensions may vary and it is important to make templates of your own parts. Over many years, design may have changed slightly. I include these drawings as a guide and hope they are of some use to anyone out there who has purchased a basket case with missing parts. The drawings may also be useful in estimating the dimensions and quantity of ash to be purchased during a rebuild.

Figure 3

The door pillar