Rear End Wiring

Figure 1

Rear End Electrical Wiring

Notes on Rear Wiring

The wiring to the rear of the car is quite straightforward. The main loom is fed from a 9 way connector which supplies power to the rear lamps, handbrake warning lamp and the fuel tank sender.The 9 way connector is found on the right hand inside of the bulkhead, emerging from behind the trim. P clips secure the loom to the ash frame, where it follows the right hand sill board to the rear of the car. The loom branches off and follows the steel cross member in front of the drivers seat to the center line of the car where it is connected by a black cable with white tracer to the handbrake warning switch. Figure 1 shows the layout of cables found in Morgans from 1970 to 1989. My 1972 car was not wired for a reversing light or rear fog lamp and I did not add them when I rebuilt the car. Whilst keeping the car original as possible, it makes sense to keep as safe as possible and I may add them at some time.

The circuit diagram for a 1972 Morgan shows the reversing light connected via the auxiliary fuse by a green wire to the reversing light switch. The Lucas7FJ fuse box has a double row of lucar connectors. If you are adding a reversing light, connect a green wire to the lower lucar connector beneath the two green wires on the fuse box and run it to the reversing light switch on the gearbox. DO NOT connect it on the side of the fuse box with the white wire from the ignition switch. Run a green wire with brown tracer from the reversing light switch to the Lucas L691 reversing lamp, which also requires a black wire connected to earth. A four way bullet connector at the rear of the car will allow you to run two lamps in parallel. To add a fog lamp, connect a red wire to the lucar connection beneath the two red wires and run it to the fog lamp switch. DO NOT connect it on the side of the box fed by the red with green tracer wire. Run a red wire with yellow tracer from the fog lamp switch to the a Lucas L921 fog lamp.

Figure 2


Post 1989 Lamp Configuration

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, resulted in the Morgan Motor Company making changes to the position of the indicator and tail/stop lamps on the rear of the car. Schedule 7, part I, section 2 requires the indicators to be within a maximum distance of 400mm from the sides and a minimum separation between indicators on opposite sides of the vehicle by 500mm. This applies to all vehicles manufactured on or after 1st April 1986. The distance from the edge of the car to the centre of the indicators on my 1972 car is 260mm and the distance apart from the centers is 900mm. This is well inside specification. Maybe there was another reason for reconfiguration of the rear lights. I would recommend keeping the original configuration if you are rebuilding a pre 1989 car as the regulations do not effect cars built before this date.The Lucas L794 indicator and L691 tail/stop lamps are still the same units fitted to date.

The position of the Lucas L467 number plate lamp also changed 1989. On post 1989 cars two L467 lamps are mounted on the number plate panel (see figure 2). On all Morgans with dual number plate lamps, the 2nd lamp is wired in parallel with the first. You can achieve that with two four way bullet snap connectors.

Since 1998 the fuse box has been installed under the dash board. It is a continental style box with flat blade like connectors that most of us are familiar with today. The rear loom remains almost the same today. There will be the addition of a red with yellow tracer wire for reversing lights. When rebuilding or rewiring a post 1989 4/4, the rear flasher wires must emerge under the rear wheel arches and the rear/stop lamps must emerge from the flasher positions shown in diagram 1. Lucas L794 reversing lamps are connected to a green wire with brown tracer and a black earth wire.